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Have you been struggling with creating a watercolor look using Fabrico ink pens successfully on fabric?  Do you want to get help with that?  The video blog shows you tips on how to avoid problems. Plus, give your feedback on the new line of Hedgehogs in the process of being created.  Check back to see when the full workshop will be available for you to participate in.


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Do you think you have to know how to draw to be able to create beautiful, painted and thread sketched images on fabric?  Think again... Take a look at the options available and see how easy it is to step into this popular and exciting area.  You can create beautiful artwork that is soft, permanent and durable on fabrics.  Read more and see how people who think they have no ability learned to create unique art that is also beautiful, fun, fast and easy.

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Just recently put together a needle felting project using hand overdyed wool as a base/background and Tussah silk as the fibers that are felted into the project.  Felting is a lot like painting, only using fibers.  It can create some absolutely wonderful artwork!  I will be teaching this workshop in Alaska when I go up.  I decided that I would include a freezer paper stencil in the pattern because it will make it easier for someone to duplicate this.   It's difficult for some people to look at a photo and then re-create it when there is no way to transfer...

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