Trish Stuart

Trish Stuart

I am so excited to finally get the fabric panels I've been painting on the website so you can see these. 

Check them out in "Panels" in the Menu.

They can be purchased as individual blocks, with or without the backgrounds.  If you prefer a white background to show off your quilting, it will be available!

Not only that, I added a thin black border around each block.  You can sew them without the border showing or use it as a way to frame your block. 

I'm also offering the blocks in a cheater quilt format!  I love that I can get these printed so you have the whole top ready to add a border, quilt and bind and you are finished!  So easy and what an amazing way to create an individual piece for someone you love.  

This is definitely a new venture for me and I welcome your feedback.  If you need different size blocks or want them printed on a specific fabric, let me know. Right now most are on high grade cotton but I did a small selection on Celosia Velvet.  It's a dense velvet with a "shaved" nap so it isn't as thick or have as much loft as regular velvet.  The colors are so vibrant! 

I cannot wait to see what you do with these panel blocks!