About Trish

I'm a God loving, health conscious, avid reader of all kinds of things who views life with a quirky sense of humor and I deeply value my family and friendships.

I am also, apparently, compelled to share everything I learn or discover about quilting, working with fabric, and painting.  The newest passion is painting on fabric and thread sketching.

When I think about how long I have been quilting...I'm pretty sure I have been doing this since I sat under my mother's sewing machine, hand stitching my creations...to my dress.  Not on purpose! My poor mom wondered why there were holes in my clothes...tiny holes...where I cut away my project. 

I still tend to get lost in the process of creating. And it's still more important than what I am wearing....

As a designer, my greatest passion is finding ways to enhance projects (quilts, garments, home decor) created from natural fabrics like cotton, linen, silk & wool. I love using assorted weights and types of threads, a variety of coloring products and including different fabrics (e.g. wool, silk, chiffon, etc.) to give more depth and visual texture. Lately I've started digitizing my line drawings.  yum. 

My latest obsession is painting and having the images printed to fabric as blocks or panels others can use.  I cannot wait to see how these will change when other people add their own quilting, embellishments, textures, and ideas.

I'm pretty practical so it's important to me that the project be useful.  I come from a long line of quilters and I love quilts.  Home decor is a great way to create small projects to explore and show off a new technique.  Enhancing garments with little touches to make it uniquely my own also draws me into the vortex. 

As a teacher (remember the compulsion to share!?) I choose to encourage creativity rather than perfection. I want you to find your own joy, your own signature as you plug into different options until you discover what best works for you to express your vision.

 If you are interested in finding out what the next step in your creative journey can be, I would love to be the bridge to help you get there. I truly love helping others learn to create beautiful imagery.  Join me.

You can contact me by sending me an email here: stuarttrish@gmail.com

Or check back!  I'm currently putting together online workshops that are short and doable.  Fun ways to dip your toes in and you can learn at your own speed, on your time without breaking the piggy bank. Ways you can learn to thread sketch and paint successfully on fabric. 

I'm looking forward to meeting you and remember: The goal is not perfection, it's growth. And having fun.  Okay.  Having fun is really first but you can learn something, too! I hope to hear from you soon!