About Trish

I'm a God loving, health conscious, compulsive creator who views life with a quirky sense of humor and I deeply value my family and friendships.

I am also, apparently, compelled to share everything I learn or discover about what you can creatively do with fabric.

Are you interested in fabric painting, thread sketching, using unique panels in your latest quilt, or adding machine embroidery to your vision? I want to help you find the tools and inspiration to do that.  

I believe we are born with creativity in us and my goal is to help you become fluent at creating fabric art that is not only beautiful, it is useful. Quilts connect us to our family, friends, and allow us to extend our compassion and love to others in a meaningful way.  It's a practical, durable reminder of warmth, beauty, and hope. We can all use hope.

You can contact me by sending me an email here: stuarttrish@gmail.com

I'm looking forward to meeting you and remember: The goal is not perfection, it's growth. And having fun.  Okay.  Having fun is really first but you can learn something, too! Thanks for joining me!!