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Have you been struggling with creating a watercolor look using Fabrico ink pens successfully on fabric?  Do you want to get help with that?  The video blog shows you tips on how to avoid problems. Plus, give your feedback on the new line of Hedgehogs in the process of being created.  Check back to see when the full workshop will be available for you to participate in.


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Adding shadows first to the artwork you are coloring will definitely make your images pop, have dimension, and make you feel gloriously creative!

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I'm so excited!!! I finished the basics of the new website and it is up and running.   I'll be adding content to it regularly: patterns, instructions, resources and videos.  Stay connected by signing up to the RSS feed to hear about the news right away.   Interest in painting on fabric has been growing for years. I started teaching this subject around 2000.   I thought I'd share the method I devised for having control of fabric inks to give you more success when painting defined images. There is nothing worse than uncontrolled bleeding or ending up with a...

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