Daily Grind: Rain, Rain...

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Daily Grind: Rain, Rain...

Love the way rain looks going down the windows!  

If you want to get this effect on fabric you are painting, wet the fabric first.  Just moist, not dripping.  You will want to be sure the product you are using specifically says it is permanent on fabric.  I use Tsukineko All Purpose Inks, the Versacraft Stamp pads or refill ink, or the Memento Luxe stamp pads or refill inks.  You can mix colors and get amazingly beautiful results doing this. 

If you have done this share a photo. I'm still not sure how this blog works for your comments or if you can share photos, but I would love to see what you created.  

Add texture, both physical and visual, by using embroidery...hand or machine! Consider couching on the fabric. 

Just be certain to use a stabilizer if you are couching or doing machine embroidery. It's especially wonderful when you are stitching out digitized machine embroidery with partially open designs. Try some of the flowers, such as "In the Garden", which I have on the website.  You can see how the background was created with watercolor effects.  The flowers were painted a little more intentionally.

I'll be adding more digitized designs. I have plans!  Of course, I also need TIME.  But one step at a time.  Just thought I would give you some ideas for what you can do to enhance the fiber art you are working on right now. Let me know what you think?  Thanks....

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