The Madness of Moving

The Madness of Moving

I TRY! I really do try to stay in contact with you. I keep getting told I need to be consistent. I am consistent. Consistently inconsistent!

Some of you know that I was working with an amazing young man to rebuild my website.  We had it going great, ready to start making the changes and then... tragically, he died. So sorry. He was a bright star and it's hard to lose those shining lights.

As of today I started trying to go in and restructure the site so it is a little more user friendly. Thanks for being patient. 

AND... I am in the process of selling my house. The first deal fell through two days before closing so I'm back on the market. I decided I am not going to try to find a new house until I have SOLD this house and I have money in my hand.  or bank. The good news is the interest rate has dropped.  

First off, I want to thank you, my crazy friends, for reading these posts, whenever I get them up, and supporting me.  If you have not had a minute already to do so, please look at the site. It is starting to come together. Yippee!!

I'm looking forward to getting the panels up for sale on the site soon. I am selling the ones I painted as well as the line drawings that YOU can paint.  I painted a ton of these for a quilt I was going to create but then decided I was not ready to put the quilt together.  I'm afraid they will be lost in the move so I am going to sell them. I am HOPING that if you buy some of the panels you will share photos of what you do with them.  On my page:

My friend, Cathi, is here for a visit. It's been wonderful to have someone here with me.  I didn't realize how isolated I had become until there was someone in the house I could talk to. I've cut way down on talking to myself out loud. 

I was going to give you a tip on something but I can't think of anything.  That means you need to let me know if you are struggling with anything in particular.  If you are, it may be the next thing I address in this blog. You never know. Looking forward to sharing news again soon.  In the meantime, keep laughing.  Life's short.  

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