The First Daily Grind-Pigs & Rats

The First Daily Grind-Pigs & Rats

I am going to start posting a "Daily Grind" so... Grab a cuppa coffee... or tea. Today, I went outside to take photos of my house. It's been raining cats and dogs here but it stopped for a few minutes and I needed photos for the insurance agent.
I put on my rubber boots. Did I tell you I forgot they both had holes in them?
Remember the pigs? The ruts? Driving around the circle to flatten the pig pits?
So....It rained all night and, naturally, everything here is wet, wet, wet.… Anyway, one foot was already soaked so I thought I would just finish the job and go in to change socks when I was done.
Remember those pig ruts? How my driving around the yard created more ruts as I tried to flatten the ground where the pigs made ruts?
Yes, I know, you have all told me that was crazy. But as long as I was out there I thought hey! I will flatten those ridges by stomping them down.
Did I tell you those ruts were about 4" deep? Do you know how slippery mud is?
No I didn't fall. This time.
I decided to call Patty Dunn and text with her while I was stomping ruts. Only I was speaking into the phone. and whenever I said Ruts, the phone wrote Rats. Of course I was just hitting send without reading it. BUSY HERE!!
So Patty thinks I was now infested with RATS! and that I was trying to stomp the rats and how I was trying to stomp them down into 4" deep puddles and rivers of water!!
And she is alarmed about the RATS and I was splashing in the puddles with the RUTS and...
It started sprinkling and I was splashing all over trying to stomp down those ridges and up drives the delivery truck for my propane. Did I KNOW that I had mud on my face? No. However, I credit the driver with astonishing good manners because I had to tell him how much fuel I wanted and he never even batted an eyelash. Did not ask what I was doing. I am assuming he thought the crazy person from Alaska was so delighted with a little rain and mud that I was like a kid out in the puddles.
He finished filling the propane tank and said have a nice day with a great big smile as he handed me the bill then drove off. This just reminds me of him. He deserves flowers for being so nice.
I came into the house and took off my boots, then went into the bathroom and lo and behold!! I hope you can imagine what I looked like because I didn't take a photo. Seriously?!?
Pigs and rats and mud and ruts. Life in the country is awesome... Mama said there'd be days like this...right?
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  • Gretchen Bennett

    This truthful admission is why we love you! All I can see is a new Lucille Ball show! Love you!!

  • Carol

    You just lift my spirits…I just had to laugh, giggle and smile! Trish I just love you 😘

  • Beret


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