Festival Inspired

applique, Fall Quilt Festival 2015 -

Festival Inspired

I just added the three wacky cats that I designed ages ago to the store.  This is inspired by how Patty, Linda and I were feeling after Festival.  We had so much fun but it took lots of energy.  We were laughing so hard in the room every night that it's a wonder we were able to function the next day!  None of us drink coffee but were we ever wired for sound!  I can't wait to see about next year.  I'm designing and creating the submissions now.  If you have any suggestions, something you want to see taught, please let me know right away.

So, back to the crazy cats...if you purchase them individually you pay $8 each or $7 if you download it yourself.  But if you purchase all three as a set (not three individually but the set of three) you can save a chunk of change.  That saves you $6 if I mail it and $9 if you download it.  You can take these cats and reduce the size to add to anything.  You don't have to make them with the bias tape so they mimic stained glass.  These are simple but fun to make as they lend themselves to adding all sorts of extras, like sunglasses, wine glasses, party hats, or whatever you can dream up.  

I would love to see what you come up with if you decide to put some of these together for Christmas gifts.  I can see these as pillow covers, or even as placemats if you put a christmas wreath around them.  Please share your photos with me and we will inspire others on the facebook site.  See you soon!

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