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Free Block of the Month

It is here!
Free block of the month. 

Here is how it works:

Each month, on the first, I will post a new block.  You have that month to download the block free.  On the last day of the month that block will be removed and a new block will replace it.  If you miss downloading one of the blocks they will be available at the end of the program so you can purchase whatever you missed out on.  

Here is the first block - "Wonky".  All the designs are whimsical, contemporary images. I can envision this as a border going all of the way around a table runner.  How do you see it used?  

The digitized files are created specifically for use with wool, accommodating the loft of the wool and it's tendency to "walk" when stitching to the background. The process is not the same as that used to machine embroider a cotton applique project.


The designs are available in a zip folder.  Instructions are provided for how to open a zip file once you have downloaded it to your computer.  The zip folder contains a pdf pattern, a pdf providing basic instructions for using the digitized embroidery files, a pdf of a template so you can easily place the design and digitized embroidery files in all of the file extensions.  No matter what machine you are using you should have a file available to you.

The digitizing is done specifically with the unique requirements of stitching hand overdyed felted wool to a background fabric.  Hand overdyed felted wool is a woven wool that has been processed in hot water so the wool has shrunk making it unnecessary to fold over the edges when sewing as an applique.  This is not the same thing as wool felt which consists of wool fibers but has not been woven into a thread or fabric.

  Because the digitized files have been created for wool applique you will find that you do not follow the same steps as when you are sewing a traditional cotton applique.  You do not precut the shapes and then stitch them down.  Please read through the instructions that accompany the digitized files to see how to be successful using the embroidery module to stitch your project.

This is the first time I am offering something like this.  The designs for this block of the month are simple so anyone can do them.  They are very well suited for beginners.  

The designs that will be posted can be used multiple ways:  as mug rugs, in a table runner or centerpiece, for a wall hanging, incorporated into bags or small pillow wraps.  I specifically designed these so they can be used individually or corporately.  

Please let your friends know and ask them to come to the website to download their own monthly block.  

Are you stitching your project by hand? 

There are many books and online resources for learning embroidery stitches or you can make up your own, like I did on the leaves shown in the previous blog post.  

January, 2016 launched the free block of the month.  Please help let everyone know about this.  I'm hoping people will post photos of what they do online and send me links so I can put that information in my Facebook posts.  It will be crazy fun to see how everyone uses the designs and the colors and embellishing (if any) they add.  I am looking forward to being inspired by you!!!


  • Jacki Breisacher

    Very sad to see that the first month’s block was taken down early. It looks like fun. I didn’t find out about it until yesterday because the email went to spam. I put it in my cart last night but didn’t finish because it was late and I had to enter all the billing info even though it was free. I was going to finish today since it’s supposed to be up until the end of the month. I don’t like to complain about free things but it does say above that it will be available until the last day of the month. Is there any possibility of having it be made available again until the end of the month?

  • Marilu Franks

    Hello, I can not find where to download the pattern. Lots of info, but no download button. Can you help me, please.

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