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Festival is almost here!

I am so excited to go teach the 6 workshops Quilts, Incorporated invited me to present at Fall Quilt Festival 2015.  It will be like a week long party where we all get to play together.  

The first day I start out teaching "Let it Snow", which is based on a cabin in the woods with a big North Star hanging above it, snowflakes falling, and pine trees ready to decorate.   It just makes me think of Alaska, where I was raised.  I'm planning on going back up there in February so I can be there in the winter and lay in a snowbank to watch the spectacular Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis).  This wool project is just perfect for hanging on one of the Ackfeld wire hangers.  I cannot wait to see how everyone's project turns out.


That afternoon we dive right into Three Amigos.  You know how the previous blogs talked about how to color on fabric?  That's exactly what we will be doing.  I'm going to try hard (okay, maybe not so hard) not to torment people.  It will be fun to see what quirky little things they do to make their projects all their own.

I'll be posting images to my facebook page.  You can see what we are doing there.  I'll let you know how the other two days of workshops are going, too.  On day two I'll be presenting Home Tweet Home, and Heart Throb.  Day three will be Pumpkin Patch and the Wine Caddy.  I hope to see you in Houston! 

Stay tuned to the blog posts... I"ll be letting you know about the new, free block of the month I will be offering in a future post.

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