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This is a fabulous way to sew perfect, flat, curves with no puckers, pleats, bubbles, holes, skewing, or craziness! No kidding! You will be able to create your own patterns using the method taught in this e-book which includes a bonus tutorial.

The Bonus?  Learn how to use a free open source graphics program to actually CREATE YOUR OWN PATTERN!!  Plus I have included 3 small patterns to get you started so you can learn the method, then you are ready to step out, create your own pattern and really fly with this.

Have you ever wanted to do curved piecing but it looked too hard? 

This method assures you of success.  Yes, it is time consuming to learn it but once you master this simple concept you can create literally ANYTHING!

Take the time to learn this method and you will never look at quilting or piecing the same way again.  It opens up TONS of options for your creativity. You can be that person with the award winning quilt in the show! 

Even better, you can use this for more than quilting.  Create stunning home decor, Fabulous pillows, Beautiful jackets, Amazing table runners and place mats.  The sky is the limit. 

USE ANY FABRIC YOU WANT!  Yes. You can use cotton but add silks, linen, any type of fabric you like into your creation. Seriously. Even stretchy stuff. I don't recommend thick or really stiff fabric, though.  It's just tough to make it bend!

This method lets you immediately know whether your pieces are sewn together properly and you can be sure it will lay flat and beautiful when you are done.  This is NOT JUST FOR ADVANCED QUILTERS.  If you have minimal sewing skills you can learn this method.

Just think of where this will take you!  Do you want to re-create your pet?  You can!  Do you want to create a beautiful image of your flowers?  You can!  How about a portrait?  YOU CAN DO IT! 

This is the exact class I teach at major shows and conventions. In fact, I had a book I sold for $24 that taught the method for piecing but did not include the bonus about how to create your own patterns.  

I priced this e-book at HALF of what you paid for the published book, and you are getting twice as much information. 

I've only recently decided to offer the notes from my workshops on how this is done to everyone.  You can print this e-book off if you are like me and don't want to try to read it on your computer.  It is 41 color pages so be sure you have enough ink and paper before you begin printing. 

Don't forget to send me photos of what you create after you learn how to do this.  I can't wait to see your beautiful and unique artwork. And if you have questions or run into a glitch, just contact me.  I'm happy to help you be successful at this.

Caution: quilt photos shown are samples of what can be done using this technique.  Patterns are sold separately. The book includes block size patterns to learn on.