Daisy Head

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Add another posie to your collection of flowers and make a beautiful wool applique project.  Daisy Head is part of a series of 5" whimsical flowers created for hand or machine embroidery.  Applique by hand, embroidery module or mix the two techniques, embellishing to your hearts delight.  One of the yellow daisy heads features the Turkey stitch around the center mound. Photos to the right are slightly modified versions of the project but I placed them here so you could see some ideas for using either the turkey stitch or a patterned wool in the flower.

Daisy Head comes in three formats:

1. 3B - Machine applique using a Three Bean stitch to outline the wool:  Stitch the wool to the fabric, remove the hoop, trim wool to stitching line and replace hoop in machine for next layer.  This is nice if you just want it sewn down by machine or want to add embellishments but don't necessarily want to sew it all down by hand.  It's fast and easy.

2. WS - Machine applique using water soluble thread. This stitches an outline running stitch. The steps are the same as #1.  When you have finished all of your hand work simply rinse the  project to remove the water soluble thread which leaves only your hand work to look at and enjoy.

3. A written pattern with a line drawing you may use to create this block using your favorite method of hand applique, embroidery and embellishing.

Please note that the files are in a zipped folder.  After you download the folder to your computer do the following: 

To open the zipped folder, right click on it, then choose "open with>" then choose "7-zip file manager".