How It All Began

My earliest memory is sitting under the sewing machine as my mother sewed our clothing.   You have no idea how relieved I was when we started getting more stores to purchase our clothes from.  My pant legs were now the same length!

In 1989 quilting had made a resurgence and beautiful fabrics in saturated colors and patterns became available.  I thought of Great Grandma Thea making quilt tops and selling them for egg money. I decided it was not nearly as scary as sewing my own clothes so continuing the tradition of quilting I took up the needle again. Once I found out about rotary cutters and rulers there was no going back.  I immediately drew up a quilt pattern and started to journey on.  

Because I'm lazy and don't want to waste time or energy I found or developed new, faster methods. Below is one of them (curves).

I have difficulty staying in one genre.  Really I think that is normal for quilters.  No, we don't have ADD. No, I am not in denial...  Most of us have way more than one project going.  All over the house.  Little nests in strategic locations!  What really drives me is COLOR!  Oh, yes, and visual textures... and dimension... and, oh, yes... COLOR!

I love teaching. We spend a lot of time laughing and hugging.  I love creating new patterns.  It's a compulsion...

When my husband, Tom,  retired we moved from Anchorage (where we had raised our two sons: Matt & Travis) to Emory, Texas, east of the Dallas Metroplex.  Talk about a change in temperature...I practically burned up in the first two years. Now that I was accessible to the lower 48 I started traveling all over the United States and Canada, teaching and creating videos. My husband asked when I was going to move in with him.  What a nut!

This was a family business for a long time...Tom did shipping and receiving, Matt and Travis helped stuff patterns.  Circumstances change so I am now doing this solo.  I still bounce ideas off my mom (still living in AK) but now I commandeer friends when I need help around the studio.