Rose - Hand & Machine

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This Rose  is part of a series of 5" whimsical flowers created for hand or machine embroidery and you can create the block in any of three ways. This collection includes all you need to create using your machine embroidery features as well as the pattern for creating your garden by hand.

Here is how it works: use your embroidery module to stitch out the flower with a three bean stitch.  Next, choose whether or not to add embellishments.  Use the embroidery module with water soluble thread, then do all the hand stitching to the prepared block, ending by simply rinsing away the water soluble thread.  

This is a great way to explore the different ways you can include adding wool into your repertoire.  Whether you are someone who is a dyed in the wool hand work sewist or whether you prefer to use your machine or mix it up, there is something for everyone!