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Vanilla Jamaica

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Created for the first cruise I taught on, the piecing on this updated version for Vanilla Jamaica uses a simplified method from the original pattern. 

The border is created as a part of the body of the quilt, making this fast and easy to assemble. Oversize applique is fusible but you may use your favorite method.  Quilt finishes to approximately 40" x 56".  This pattern is provided as a hard copy I mail to you. If you choose to purchase the digital download so you can get started on it right away and I will mail the insert (no mailing charge!) which is the full size line drawing of the applique.  By the time you have made the top the applique portion of the pattern will be in your mailbox! Make sure you leave a valid address. There is no charge for shipping the insert to you if you purchase the download.

NEW!  Included in the pattern is a breakdown of how to scrap this up using 6 of each value range (light, medium light, and medium) as well as tips on how to choose the fabrics. Cutting instructions tell you how many pieces to cut from each of the fabrics as well as a breakdown on exactly how much of each to cut.  For example Light fabric #1 & 2 use 1/3 yard cuts and you cut one strip 4 1/2" wide from selvage to selvage and one that is 4 7/8" wide from each of these fabrics.  Then you proceed to subcut and piece as indicated in the pattern.

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