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Little Livelies 6 pack - Summer Blooms

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New! From Wooly Lady...

Six pieces of hand dyed wool each piece approximately 6" x 16".  Each of the Little Livelies 6 packs can be used interchangeably with 3 different patterns and they are available now! These luscious wools pop with vibrant color and are perfect with any of the three 12" round table mat patterns.  Summer Blooms include three values of greens, two beautiful pinks for your posies and a purple for pizzazz!

Check out both of the kits (Summer Blooms and Pop That Color). The colors are all coordinated so they make putting any design together easy and you are assured of success!  Ever cringed as you were cutting up a piece of wool and just hoped it would actually look good?  There's no fear when you choose a small kit like this!  Summer Blooms are perfect for any of the three patterns, or for any other project you have in mind!  

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