Inktensify Video Tutorials

Inktensify your fabric as Trish Stuart guides you through basic concepts and techniques. You can successfully paint with Inktense on Fabric and create stunning artwork.

This short series of video tutorials make learning to paint on fabric easy and fun for any skill level. 

Do you want to purchase the panel provided in the workshop? If enough people say they want the panel I may reprint and sell these.

The video links are in the order I taught at the workshop for AQS - Fall 2019 in Paducah, Kentucky.

Each video is short. If you need to review a step it's easy! You don't have to fast forward through the video to find what you are looking for. 

The Videos:

  1.  Tools and Supplies you need to get started 
  2. Apply Jacquard Flowable Extender as a Base
  3. Create Depth With Shadows Using Tsukineko Versacraft Ink
  4. The Effects of Using Inktense Pencils With Water
  5. Two ways to Activate Inktense Pigments Using a Medium
  6. Adding Color to a Previously Shaded Circle
  7. Using Complementary Colors for Shadows and Depth
  8. Creating Dimension - On a Wing
  9. Coloring On Fabric "Prepared" with Extender
  10. How to Create Shadows on an Intricately Shaped Leaf
  11. How to Create Shadows on Overlapping Objects
  12. Adding Color to the Layered Leaf Sample

Check back occasionally to see if I have added more tutorial videos.  As you contact me with questions or issues I may put the answers online here on the website.

TIPS: After you watch the whole series you will be able to create beautiful art on fabric that is permanent.  Just make sure you heat set your fabric when you are done before washing. Cover the art with a pressing cloth first.

Run a test piece through your washing machine prior to deciding if you want to wash on delicate or with the towels! It may fade slightly.